Heat N Beat

Man, Metal, Fire, and Machine


70’ of forged iron and brass rail, three flights, typical french design.

Cold forged aluminum for all you gear heads…

Forged stainless steel

Potts Sculpture

Nothing to see here…

Shovelhead build, forged aluminum, no CNC here built by hand!

An in depth look at the building of "Ascension"

"Ascension" 2014 Forged stainless steel and iron 10’H x 8’W x 26’L 5700lbs. Public sculpture for Duluth, GA

There are three movies, the first one (best) is 35 minutes. My Bradley 500 is shown at 16:54. This was at the pinnacle of skilled labor at the forge!

"Ascension" 18 month process, 7 month build time almost 1000 man hours. Last look before install, almost there…

Hell Yea! Tumblr trade with http://kustomsteel.tumblr.com/

Thanks Karl

A center measuring/transfer device with double angle finder, one of which was disabled, I favor the forged thumb/bolt. Has good rust + spider sacs

Water leaf rail with some tooling.