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dirtysmith said: Any advise on breaking through this veneer of doing public art work? Thinking about participating in some festivals/art walks for a start. Love your work and style. Thanks for sharing what you do!

Ha, a better question would be why?

I think this veneer is apparent only because of the very nature of art and the immense amount of different ways to approach the thing. There is truly no way to research what has worked in the past or develop a plan to succeed as an artist. My approach has been to constantly build and hone my craft as a sculptor, follow my heart and dream big! Knowing something about your work I would say just keep building more sculpture, get good images and exhibit. Start small and local, people who know you and your work will support you as you get your footing. Go ahead and start applying for RFQs and think about proposing an idea for a sculpture even if your not in the running. Pick the ones that appeal to you and your work, write about it, develop a budget and timeline just to get familiar with the process. Most likely you won’t make any money the first time around but it will help you get more, as they are always looking for experience in the field.

Thanks for the complements Rory and thanks for illuminating the wonders of our craft!

Forged bronze for Friday 13th

"Victory" forged from aluminum and steel, 36"H x 24"W x 8"D

The model for my next public sculpture to be place in Bell Memorial Park, Milton GA.

The monumental sculpture will stand 12’ tall and weigh almost a ton, forged from solid 6” square steel with a hard chrome finish. The base will be forged 1” plate and will have impressions of sport related images such as the equipment used.

Ol betsey lasted me 10 years, not bad for a grand! She finally crossed over to the scrap heap, I’m keeping the forks and 2600 pound counter weight. Had to engineer and build a fork carriage for my tractor to get me by. Found a set of forks for free and I had some small gage track from my gantry crane install. A bit of 2” tube and I’m back in business, not bad for a half a day! 

70’ of forged iron and brass rail, three flights, typical french design.

Cold forged aluminum for all you gear heads…

Forged stainless steel

Potts Sculpture

Nothing to see here…

Shovelhead build, forged aluminum, no CNC here built by hand!

An in depth look at the building of "Ascension"

"Ascension" 2014 Forged stainless steel and iron 10’H x 8’W x 26’L 5700lbs. Public sculpture for Duluth, GA